This website was created to prepare the people of the earth for an important day that will surely come in the near future.

The "Venus" in the title of the website is, of course, the planet "Venus", which is right next to our "Earth".

You may be wondering, "Why are these messages from Venus?" "Isn't it proven that there is nothing on Venus?" However, we believe that you will surely understand the answer while reading this website.

The content of this website includes many things that cannot be accepted by modern common sense. However, even if you feel them strange, we hope that you will listen to the spark of intuition deep in your heart and read it to the end.

The truth of the Earth
The Seventh Civiliza­tion

In our world history class at school, we learned that civilizations on Earth began around 3000 BC with the Egyptian, Mesopotamian, Indus and Yellow River civilizations.

However, people from other planets who visit the earth say that until about 10,000 years ago, the earth had a continent called Lemuria that stretched from the south to the north of the Pacific Ocean, and a continent called Atlantis that stretched from Europe to the Caucasus. However, the continent of Lemuria sank into the sea 10,508 years ago (going back from 1960), and the continent of Atlantis sank 10,200 years ago (same), and the civilization at that time disappeared. It tells us that the Egyptian civilization is a civilization left over from the Atlantis continent.

In addition, the people of other planets said that the human civilization on Earth has ruined many times in the past, and now it is the seventh civilization. And also they said that they had been observing Earth for over 75,000 years.

If so, civilizations on Earth have existed for far longer than is commonly thought, and have risen and fallen repeatedly until they reach the present day.

Why did human civilization on earth have to ruin six times so far?

Earth is the least evolved planet in the solar system

The people of other planets in this solar system understand that they are not just born and exist in this universe by chance, but that they are kept alive by the Creator of All Things (the Creator of the Universe), emphasizing the development of the soul and spirit, is on the path of eternal evolution.

On the other hand, in ancient times, human beings began to evolve in an animalistic way, passed through the primitive age. And since the rise of civilization, the people of the earth have neglected the development of the soul and pushed forward only to the development of the material.

In fact, there is a deep reason why this was inevitable, but we will tell you about it on another occasion.

As a result, materialistic and egoistic desires began to sprout in the hearts of humankind on Earth, and eventually it escalated into fight between people, destruction, slaughter, and war. And in the end, the same repetition of causing the crust of the planet Earth to change and ruin it has been repeated six times in the past.

Earth people think they are the only intelligent life in this solar system. This can be compared to a student who was unable to advance to the next grade because he was just playing around and was left alone in school after failing many times while all his classmates were graduating. It's a misunderstanding like that.

People from other planets who have placed great importance on their soul and spiritual development have already evolved into higher vibrational worlds, emancipated into higher stages of Light. And they appear in the same figure as us humans by consciously dropping that vibration.
So what is vibration?

Difference in vibration

Vibration, which is also called wave or frequency, is a word that expresses the existence level of matter and spirit, and it is a concept that is not yet generally recognized on earth.

For example, if the vibrations are different, even if you are in the same space, you cannot sense the other person from a low level. This is why spaceships and flying saucers are not often seen.

The people of other planets in this solar system are not normally able to be seen or observed, as they have already evolved into a stage of higher vibrations beyond the human senses.

Therefore, even if the earthlings sent probes to Venus and Mars to investigate, it is inevitable that the land would appear to be desolate, with no evidence of civilization or even life.

No matter how much physicists and scientists do their research, it is only within the framework of the lower vibrations of this planet. So beyond that, it would be impossible to make sense of the higher vibrational worlds.

Aid by other planets

Now, friends from all over the universe are coming to Earth from all over the world to help Earthling, not only from this solar system, but also from other solar systems and other galaxies. Of course, each progresses to varying degrees, but they are all part of the Creator's (Creator of the Universe) plan for Earth.

You may be wondering, "If so, why aren't they showing up more?" The reason is that there are strict rules in the universe that prevent other planets from directly interfering with the evolution of one planet.

So people on other planets will never force doors open against the will of people on Earth.
They are respecting the free will of the Earthlings and carefully assisting us in changing the consciousness of the Earthlings by ourselves.

The occasional sightings of flying saucers around the world are part of this, and they are sending signs to gradually turn the minds of the people of Earth into space and to realize that we are not space orphans.

A nuclear explosion is the force that splits the solar system apart

Now, We told you that the human race on earth has neglected the development of the soul and spirit. And people on other planets are most worried about nuclear weapons (atomic bombs) invented by earthlings.

You will notice that the positions of the sun and planets in this solar system are very similar to the arrangement of the nuclei and electrons of atoms. Atoms are nothing but the building blocks of the solar system, and to destroy them is to destroy the solar system, and their power can never be used constructively. Our space friends tell us that it is the force that divides the solar system,

Since mankind invented the atomic bomb in the middle of the 20th century, peoples from other planets have been visiting the earth very frequently, lest their civilization suddenly come to an abrupt end due to nuclear war. They are watching carefully.

And with covert intervention, they have stopped the plunge into a nuclear war on the brink. This terrible fact will be revealed someday.

The earth is now entering the Great Cycle of a Great Evolutionary Process

Life living on a planet will someday reach a breaking point if it continues to grow as it is. In other words, when human activity on that planet reaches the entire planet, it can no longer be crossed, and the activity of life within a planet has come to a standstill. And even more so, they end up fighting each other and even destroy themselves.

You will also be aware that the human race on Earth is in such a situation right now, and is about to be crushed under the weight of its own material civilization.

At present, humankind on Earth is approaching the end of the seventh civilization. And this time, we are approaching a big turning point, whether we will graduate from school and make a dramatic evolution to join the ranks of other planets, or we will fail again.

During this great evolutionary cycle, people from other planets are now visiting Earth in droves to offer a helping hand.

People called Wanderers

At the beginning of this website, we said " Wanderers refer to people with soul from other planets who have incarnated on Earth with the desire to serve for the evolution of the earth and humankind."

There is a rule in the universe that the evolution of one planet cannot be directly interfered with by another planet. So the Wanderers are incarnated into Earthlings to become Earthlings and have mission with assisting the Earth and humanity in the correct evolutionary direction, to the next stage of evolution.

Wanderers become Earthlings in mind and body, except that their souls are from another planet, so they will not remember anything from the past when they are born. And they gradually awaken to their souls and realize that they have mission to accomplish.

On the other hand, there are more than a few wanderers who are unaware of their identity. However, even among such wanderers, there must be great many people who are serving people in various fields of society, following their own minds.

Great Elder of Venus

The support of other planets to Earth and humanity is being systematically planned according to the will of the Creator of All Things (God). Wanderers are reincarnating on Earth as part of that. And the person in charge of this plan is the Great Elder of Venus, Sananda.

Sananda was born on earth about 2,000 years ago with a physical body. The name at that time was Jesus Christ, a historical figure that even elementary school students know well.

In fact, we wanderers hesitated to reveal the name of Jesus Christ on this website. The reason for this is that while there are devout believers in Christianity all over the world today, we wonder how many people would understand if we told them that Jesus Christ came from Venus. Rather, we thought that it would only invite a misunderstanding.

However, the person responsible for the important things that we want to convey on this website is Sananda, and it is not in accordance with God's will to hide important facts about him. So, without fear of misunderstanding, we decided to announce it as it is.

The ancient Jesus Christ, now as Sananda, gets on a spaceship above the earth and travels around the world day and night to make "God's Kingdom " come true on earth.

For Evolution
The law of cause and effect

Are you familiar with the word "The law of cause and effect"?
It is also said that "You must reap what you have sown" or "Cause and Effect Ingaouhou". We wanderers call it the Law of Karma. This is the Universal Law of the Universe, which operates on any planet in the Universe.

The soul created by God passes through a long, long time in the universe, and eventually becomes a human soul with free will. A man does something of his own will in this universe, and is subject to a reaction. To say simply, you receive good reactions for good deeds and bad reactions for bad deeds. This is called the law of karma.

Karma are clues and helps for humans to develop their free wills. Humans gradually learn how to use their minds by personally experiencing the consequences of their actions.
However, in the case of the earthlings, it became a big problem.

Accumulated karma

We mentioned before that the earth has repeated the destruction of civilizations six times in the past. Karma belongs to humans with free will, so even if one civilization ends, karma will be carried over to the next civilization with humanity.

In the past six civilizations, humankind on earth has repeated wrong conducts. Karma has accumulated to the point that human effort alone cannot solve it.

In other words, if we go on like this, the current civilization will end up in ruin, and not only that, due to the accumulated karma, we have progressed to the point where there is a very high possibility that the planet Earth itself will be shattered and collapsed.

Only the God who created this universe can control karma. Therefore, God has done a certain great work for the earth and mankind so that the people of the earth, who have entered this great evolutionary cycle, can break the chain of accumulated karma and evolve.

Land of Japan

For every planet in this universe, there is always one important place that controls the fate of the star, the spiritual center of the star.

On this earth it is on the land of Japan. This does not mean that the nation of Japan is so, but that the region itself where Japan exists is designated as the spiritual center of the earth. The land of Japan exists on this planet as a place to worship God, the Creator of All Things, and to offer prayers to God.

In fact, for over 40 years since around 1960, wanderers who were born in Japan have secretly performed certain "works" here in Japan.

They are deeply related to God's works to resolve the accumulated karma of humankind on earth. What exactly are the "works"?

Graduation exam for Earthlings

What we want to tell you is very difficult, so to put it in an easy-to-understand parable, the "works" that the Japanese Wanderers have joined for over 40 years are taking the graduation exams for earthlings held by God.

People from other planets cannot directly interfere with earthlings. Earthlings have to do their own things by themselves. Therefore, wanderers are born here to work as earthlings.

As earthlings, Wanderers responded to God's test question, "Do earthlings want to evolve, and are you qualified to do so?" ,"We have learned a lot and our souls have grown enough to hear God's voice. Please let us evolve to the next stage." Wanderers as earthlings have been taking these exams for over 40 years.

To answer to this God's test question, the Earthlings must embody the appropriate vibrations for entering the next stage of evolution. Otherwise, for example, you will not notice that the exam has started and you will not be able to understand the exam questions.

Since it has become impossible for the people of the earth who have accumulated karma to pass this esoteric exam, a very small number of wanderers in Japan have taken this graduation exam in Japan.

God's Great Work

To put this graduation exam parable in a more nitty-gritty way, it means to offer a prayer of request to God in heaven, "So that the earth and humanity will not ruin, so that we can evolve into a world of higher vibrations, and break the chain of accumulated karma. Please accomplish God's Great Work."

Over the course of 40-odd years, these prayers have been properly offered in response to God's question. In other words, humankind on earth has passed the graduation exam, and God's Great Work has been accomplished.

This great work of God is called "Wakutama no Iwaigoto no Gishiki (The Celebration Ceremony of Wakutama)".
It's a very Japanese old-fashioned name, but it's the most appropriate name.

The word "ceremony" may give you a religious feeling, but how about imagining, School entrance ceremonies and graduation ceremonies, weddings and funerals are all ceremonies. In our lives there are milestones and distinctions. The same is true in space.

The greatest division that has been done to this earth and human beings by God is the "Wakutama no Iwaigoto no Gishiki (The Celebration Ceremony of Wakutama)".

About life

By the way, how do you understand "human life" or "human spirit"?

In today's world, there seem to be two main ways of thinking. One is the idea that "humans exist forever by repeating the cycle of reincarnation." The other is the idea that "When a human being dies, it is over. We return to nothing." Almost everyone has one of these views.

But with the eyes of the universe, we must say that neither of these are true. Certainly, the "soul" separated from God in this universe will exist forever. However, if we ask whether the free will that develops in the soul, that is, the "human spirit," also exists unconditionally and eternally, it is actually not the case.

Will the human soul, which has received free will from God, grow in the direction of "light" that is in harmony with the universe, or will it remain in "darkness" without harmonizing with the universe? It is the great mystery for both the God who has been given free will and the souls who have received free will.

If the human soul remains in "darkness", its free will will eventually disappear. And if you grow towards the "light", that free will is promised eternal existence.
Which side it'll fall on has a lot to do with the "The Celebration Ceremony of Wakutama" we mentioned before.

Towards Eternal Existence

Here, to everyone on earth, we would like to tell respectfully from the wanderers in Japan.
Earthlings have been recognized by the God of Heaven as growing in the direction of "light." And the God had completed the Great Work of "The Celebration Ceremony of Wakutama" for Earthlings.

With the completion of the "The Celebration Ceremony of Wakutama", it was promised that Earthlings would progress to the next stage in a dramatic evolution, and that they would be able to exist in this universe forever.

The spirits that the people of the earth have nurtured through seven civilizations up to the present, the souls that have been nurtured through repeated birth, getting old, sickness, death, love and separation, in the immeasurable flow of time, will never disappear. And we can exist in this universe for eternity without disappearing into the distance.

And not only mankind, but planet earth and all beings and all living things on planet Earth and nature will evolve with mankind into a new, higher vibrational world.

In the new world, Earthlings will be surprised and excited with the true glory of free will given by God, and with the greatness of their own creative power. And they will be deeply grateful to God.

Spaceships and Flying saucers
The story of rebuilding our house

Let us give you another parable here.There is a family. Parents, older brothers and sisters, and the youngest in the rebellious period. Father called out, "My house is old and damaged in many places, and everyone has grown up and is no longer suitable for our lifestyle, so I would like to rebuild it. Let's have a meeting about this with the whole family." The whole family is overjoyed.

However, the youngest son, who is in the rebellious stage, listens to music in his room and does not listen, no matter how many times his family invites him. It doesn't matter how many times they invite him. So they had no choice but to discuss the design of the new house with everyone else.

The blueprints were completed before long, the construction company was ready, and the construction was about to begin. As for the construction, the family first moves the old house, and the construction company dismantles the house. A comfortable house incorporating a new lifestyle is planned to be built on the grounds that have become brand new.

Of course, the youngest son who didn't listen to his family's advice doesn't understand why his family moved. He wonders why, but he just stays in his room without trying to think deeply. However, the construction schedule is fixed, so the work is progressing steadily.

A building company has started work on demolishing an old house. The roof is taken off and the walls are demolished. Dust rises, and the house they have lived in so far crumbles with a noise.

Seeing this, the youngest son is in a great commotion. He's angry with the construction company about what to do with his precious house. As he watches his house being demolished, he despairs when the house he lives in disappears.

The end of modern civilization

By the way, do you understand the meaning of the story of rebuilding our house?
The old house is the current civilization of the earth. A new house is the next new world. It was promised that human beings on Earth would be able to evolve dramatically into a new world through the completion of the " The Celebration Ceremony of Wakutama". And that means the end of the current old civilization.

The end of old civilizations has already come to the surface in various forms around the world, such as changes in the natural environment, conflicts between ethnic groups, and the impasse of the systems that have driven society.

What if you didn't know the reason for the end of this old civilization that is going to get more and more intense? Like the youngest son in the parable mentioned before, you will feel confused and hopeless about what is happening in front of you.

However, if you understand the reason, you should be able to accept the future changes with gratitude to God, even if they look very hard.

These severe changes unfolding on the earth from now on cannot be avoided in order for humankind to receive a new world.

Appearance of spaceships and flying saucers

At present people from other planets, not only from this solar system, but also from other solar systems and other galactic universes visit Earth. And here on Earth, we Wanderers are fulfilling our role around the world to open the minds of the people on Earth to the universe.

From now on, the minds of the people on the earth will steadily change, and when the God of heaven decided that the human race on earth had reached a level for transitioning to a new world, a great demonstration is performed by the spaceships and the flying saucers.

It begins one day when numerous amounts of spaceships and flying saucers as many as to cover the whole earth will suddenly appear in the sky above the earth. It starts without notice. It happens almost simultaneously all over the world.

Then, from spaceships in the sky, certain broadcast will be made in a language understood by the people of each country. The contents are, "The present civilization of the earth has reached the end. The spaceships and flying saucers in the sky have come to help you. Because the earth will soon undergo a large crustal movement, it is necessary to evacuate to the sky in spaceships. Boarding the spaceships is not compulsory. This is done according to the plan of God of Heaven(the Creator of All Things)."

After the broadcast ended, the spaceships and flying saucers that should have filled the sky suddenly disappeared. They will disappear without leaving single one. What happened?

Voluntary boarding

After the spaceships and flying saucers disappear, there will be various discussions on the ground. There will be debates by experts on television and radio, and government statements from various countries may be announced one after another.

At this time, the people on the earth will be forced to choose the way they go. The one is to believe in the event that has just happened, and immediately start moving toward the boarding point notified by the broadcast from spaceships. And the other is not to believe and think that the phenomenon must be mass hypnosis or a grand trick, and go back to life as usual.

Each Earthling will be asked whether they are open to the new world, or whether they are still clinging to the old world.

There is no coercion or order in the Universe. Individual free will is respected. For that reason, the spaceships and flying saucers disappear once to make their own decisions.

People who believed the broadcast from spaceships will start moving toward the designated boarding point. And everyone gets on board. Those who are unable to arrive to the boarding point due to physical disabilities or illness can board the spaceship immediately if they show some kind of intention to board the spaceship.
In this way, all the people in the world who voluntarily wish to board will board.

The Great Cleaning of Planet Earth

We mentioned that when the spaceships appeared, it would be broadcast that "the earth will soon undergo a large crustal movement, so you need to evacuate to the sky in spaceships".

When the planet and its inhabitants evolve into a new world thanks to the fulfillment of the "The Celebration Ceremony of Wakutama", the old world will come to an end and all that civilization will disappear. Specifically, it occurs as a crustal cataclysm due to a sharp tilt of the Earth's axis.

The tilting of the Earth's axis is an unavoidable process for the planet and its inhabitants to undergo a great evolution. Due to this phenomenon, the current continent will sink into the sea, and new land will rise from the sea. A completely new map will be drawn on the earth.

Humanity cannot remain grounded during the Great Cleaning of this planet. There is no place on the surface of the planet that is immune to this change in any way, and all humanity must evacuate Earth.

For this temporary evacuation, a large number of spaceships and flying saucers are already waiting in the sky above the earth.

After boarding the spaceships, the people of Earth will be able to watch with gratitude from inside the spaceships how the Earth, which has nurtured them, is changing as the Earth's axis tilts.

Everyone will be saved

Now, what will happen to those who did not choose to board on their own will? For example, you may be wondering what would happen if your family or friends did not, even if you wanted to board.

But don't worry. Even if they don't choose to go on board, they will do eventually. Their free wills are respected, and they are saved by boarding the spaceships in the different way. We will tell you how to get on board in the different way on another occasion.

Others may have further questions. In the way of thinking on Earth, people often distinct between good people and bad people, but the question is whether bad people can be on board together, and if so, isn't it unfair?

From the view of the universe, all people living on this earth are intricately intertwined with each other's actions in this world and the karma appear as the present world. Therefore, as long as we live together on the same planet, there is no such thing as a completely innocent person. In other words, we cannot distinguish between this person is good and that person is bad.

In order to cut off this intricately entwined chain of karma, the Heavenly God performed "The Celebration Ceremony of Wakutama". Therefore, from the view of the New World, there are no good or bad, and all of humankaind on the earth can be on board in one way or another to evolve into the New World.

The name of the New Earth is "Alus"

In this way, all human beings, all animals and plants, even the smallest lives will be brought aboard the spaceships and flying saucers and lifted up. Then they spend a period of time in a giant spaceship called a mothership or on Venus or another planet, waiting for the great cleaning of the Earth to be completed.

In due time, when the earth's crustal movement subsides, the land is prepared, and the climate becomes calm, the return of the earth's humans, animals and plants that have evacuated will begin. Then, with the help of people from other planets, they will begin the construction of a new world.

The new world is a world of a completely new order, inheriting nothing from the old material civilization. Days will be calculated differently, there will be no money economy anymore and matter will be created according to the good thoughts of humanity. It will be a world of service and harmony, where everything is in accordance with the order of nature.

Humanity will begin real communication with other planets in the universe from this point onwards. Interplanetary travel will become as easy as traveling in the provinces. The name of the new earth has already been decided. The name of the universe is called "Alus". It is a star blessed by the Creator of All Things.

Sananda has already informed us that everything on the side of universe is ready. After that, it depends on one point when the minds of the people of the earth will reach a certain level where it is acceptable to reach that time. It depends on your mind.

Life from now
Floating karma

From what we have told so far, you know that the earth and humankind can evolve into a new world, and that in due time spaceships and flying saucers will appear in the sky, and with that as a signal, all humankind will board.
So how should we live our lives from now?

By the Great Work of the Heavenly God, the accumulated karma of the human race on earth will be severed and will not be carried over to the new world. However, that did not immediately erase all the karma that the people of Earth had created.

The karma that has been cut off from its roots and has risen to the surface will erupt into the surroundings of people and society on earth. The task left for humankind on earth is to learn from that karma.

The karma that the people of the earth have accumulated over the course of seven civilizations will erupt in visible figure to individuals and society. It will appear as various personal troubles, natural disasters, man-made disasters, international conflicts, etc., and it will be terrifying. It really is the end of the world.

What are the consequences of building a wrong civilization? Each and every one of the earthlings will experience it personally and engrave it into their hearts. This is the final lesson to avoid repeating the same mistakes in the new world.

Vanishing values

Then what are the ways of thinking that have created karma for humankind, and the values that are disappearing along with the old civilization? It's impossible to list all of them, but here are the main ones.

  • Ego, egoism......a heart that values and prioritizes itself over others.
  • Material greed......A state of mind that continues endlessly if one seeks it, and becomes even more painful.
  • Coercion......A mind that pushes things. A mind that is the exact opposite of God's will, trying to force others to follow one's own convenience and ideas. A mind that denies the free will of others.
  • Laziness, lethargy......Denying the free will given by God and trying to degenerate.
  • Majesty of figure, authority......Relying on power to overwhelm others.
  • Dissatisfaction, anger......a manifestation of the ego's heart.
  • Narcissism, selfishness......a manifestation of the ego mind.
  • Falsehood, arrogance......a manifestation of the ego mind.
  • Wrong Prayer......Asking God to do what is convenient for them.

Even in today's world, most people know that these ideas are wrong or biased. But the Earth did not evolve properly.
Human beings were caught up in their own profit, and because they lacked courage, they follow the way of other people and were unable to persevere with the right thoughts that come up from their inner hearts. And gradually it felt normal for them to do so.
As a result, without knowing it, karma was created, and karma created much more karma, and it became like the present earth.

New world values

On the other hand, what are the ways of thinking, ideals and values of the new world that open the way for eternal evolution? We Wanderers have learned a lot from Sananda and brothers from other planets. So we will introduce what we keep in mind every day.

  • Makoto (genuine spirit)...... To notice love we have received from the God of heaven and pass it on to those around us. Also, think of genuine behavior that can protect the people around you from karma, and put it on the people around you.
  • Love...... not a narrow range of love such as romantic love or family love, but a love that conforms to the will of God who saves all things.
  • Oneness, harmony, naturalness...... Along with love, these are universal laws that rein in the universe.
  • Easygoing...... A mind that can entrusts everything to God, anytime, even when you feel pain or anxiety.
  • Natural state without ego, honest, simplicity...... a state without patching up and accept things as they are.
  • Plain, modesty...... A mind that knows what is enough, not asking for more than is necessary.
  • Discipline of mind...... Heartfelt courtesy, not just a pretense or formality.
  • Moderation, perseverance, piety...... the manifestation of genuine and true love.
  • Truthful Prayer...... Offering words to God that naturally springs up in our heart.

It is difficult to express concepts in the universe with the limited words on the earth, but we dared to show a part of it.
All of these things are summarized to "Makoto (genuine spirit)" and "love".
"Makoto (Genuine spirit)" and "Love" are the fundamental principles of the universe that flow through in the correct direction of human evolution.

The construction of the new world has already begun

We mentioned before that the roots have been cut and the karma that has risen to the surface will erupt, and learning from it will be our next challenge. So, what exactly should we, the earthlings, do?

Remember the story of the rebuilding of our house. The family consulted on the design of the new house before moving or demolishing the old one. The new house was built after the old house was demolished, but the blueprints had already been completed.

To make blueprints for this new house. This is the work of us earthlings from now. It is actually to envision what the new world should look like while watching and experiencing the destruction of the old world.

Observe the affairs that occur in your surroundings and society, and think what the cause of this phenomenon is. Think about such things for yourself. And ask yourself what the new world should be and how you want it to be. That thought becomes the blueprint for the new world to come.

This may seem unbelievable, but it is true. This old world of today is nothing more than a manifestation of the thoughts (material and egoistic desires) that the people of Earth have been imagining for a long time. Heavenly God respects the free will of human beings. In other words, the appearance of the new world that the people of the earth sincerely hoped for, will actually take shape.

The new world is a world where you can see the brilliance of people's spirits. What people have envisioned in their minds will appear straight in the figure. Therefore, it is very important to envision the world from now on so that it will be as wonderful as possible. The construction of the new world has already begun.

Cherish your daily life

Everyone is wondering when the boarding date will actually come. However, not only we Wanderers, but also the people of other planets, not even Sananda know exactly how many years it will be.

That day is the only time when the God of heaven decide that the level of human hearts on earth have reached a certain level.

Therefore, from now on, it is extremely important to make a firm plan for your future life, study hard as a student, work as a member of society, and live each day to the fullest.

We must absolutely avoid neglecting our daily lives and giving up our efforts just because we can board the spaceship before long, because the new world is coming. It will create new karma.

We can't carry over Karma from the old earth to the new world. If you create new karma now, the person who created it must solve it by the day of boarding. It will be a very painful and harsh experience.

In your daily life from now on, you should be in harmony with the people around you, and please do not fight, do not stir up problems when they occur, and work on pending issues that you have neglected and unresolved worries. Also, it is important to live each day in accordance with "Makoto (genuine spirit)" and "love", to avoid doing unnecessary things, not to speak unnecessary words, and to live brightly and cheerfully.

Then, when the sky is filled with spaceships and flying saucers, let's cancel all our plans after that day, hand in hand with the people around us, and move forward into a new world.

Turn your mind to space

This great plan for the evolution of the earth and humankind has been carried out in a scale and time flow that we cannot even imagine.

From the universe, there is the immeasurable work of God in Heaven(the Creator of All Things), Sananda who is incarnated as Jesus, the Great Spirits of Heaven, and people on other planets. And also on the earth the gods who govern the earth, the people of the high spiritual sphere of the earth, and the great nature spirits of mountains, rivers, plants respond to their work, and we wanderers somehow managed to participate in it. Then as a result, this great work has been accomplished.

Moreover, the role that we wanderers on earth have done is only about 1% of the total, and 99% of the majority is fulfilled by the work of the God of Heaven, Sananda, the Great Spirits of Heaven , and the gods of the earth. Then it finally succeeded.

In today's world where some people don't even acknowledge the existence of God, this kind of thing can be hard to understand, but after the day you board the spaceships, everything will become clear.
At that time, you will be amazed at the depth and breadth of this plan, which has been carried out without the people of the earth being aware of it, and you will be deeply grateful to God.

All that remains is to wait for changes the consciousness of the people of Earth. Some of those whose hearts are open to new worlds will see various signs from spaceships and flying saucers. This will continue to increase throughout the world.

From now on, your daily life will be very hard, but please always keep your mind up to the heavens and your thoughts to the universe. And offer a heartfelt prayer of thanks to God in Heaven for giving the earth and humankind a new place of evolution.

At the End

Thank you for reading until the end .

We, Wanderers, are happy from the bottom of our hearts to be able to deliver this important matter to you using the method of the website after finishing writing so far. And we are relieved that we have fulfilled part of our responsibility.

However, we have no intention of forcing this content on you. It is up to you, the reader, to decide whether this content is important or not. However, we would be more than happy if you could feel the true heart of us wanderers from behind the lines.

There are still a lot of things we cannot write. We would like to announce them on this website little by little in the future.

Wanderers in Japan
October 4, 2009
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