Earth is the least evolved planet in the solar system

The people of other planets in this solar system understand that they are not just born and exist in this universe by chance, but that they are kept alive by the Creator of All Things (the Creator of the Universe), emphasizing the development of the soul and spirit, is on the path of eternal evolution.

On the other hand, in ancient times, human beings began to evolve in an animalistic way, passed through the primitive age. And since the rise of civilization, the people of the earth have neglected the development of the soul and pushed forward only to the development of the material.

In fact, there is a deep reason why this was inevitable, but we will tell you about it on another occasion.

As a result, materialistic and egoistic desires began to sprout in the hearts of humankind on Earth, and eventually it escalated into fight between people, destruction, slaughter, and war. And in the end, the same repetition of causing the crust of the planet Earth to change and ruin it has been repeated six times in the past.

Earth people think they are the only intelligent life in this solar system. This can be compared to a student who was unable to advance to the next grade because he was just playing around and was left alone in school after failing many times while all his classmates were graduating. It's a misunderstanding like that.

People from other planets who have placed great importance on their soul and spiritual development have already evolved into higher vibrational worlds, emancipated into higher stages of Light. And they appear in the same figure as us humans by consciously dropping that vibration.
So what is vibration?

The truth of the Earth
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