Graduation exam for Earthlings

What we want to tell you is very difficult, so to put it in an easy-to-understand parable, the "works" that the Japanese Wanderers have joined for over 40 years are taking the graduation exams for earthlings held by God.

People from other planets cannot directly interfere with earthlings. Earthlings have to do their own things by themselves. Therefore, wanderers are born here to work as earthlings.

As earthlings, Wanderers responded to God's test question, "Do earthlings want to evolve, and are you qualified to do so?" ,"We have learned a lot and our souls have grown enough to hear God's voice. Please let us evolve to the next stage." Wanderers as earthlings have been taking these exams for over 40 years.

To answer to this God's test question, the Earthlings must embody the appropriate vibrations for entering the next stage of evolution. Otherwise, for example, you will not notice that the exam has started and you will not be able to understand the exam questions.

Since it has become impossible for the people of the earth who have accumulated karma to pass this esoteric exam, a very small number of wanderers in Japan have taken this graduation exam in Japan.

For Evolution
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