The earth is now entering the Great Cycle of a Great Evolutionary Process

Life living on a planet will someday reach a breaking point if it continues to grow as it is. In other words, when human activity on that planet reaches the entire planet, it can no longer be crossed, and the activity of life within a planet has come to a standstill. And even more so, they end up fighting each other and even destroy themselves.

You will also be aware that the human race on Earth is in such a situation right now, and is about to be crushed under the weight of its own material civilization.

At present, humankind on Earth is approaching the end of the seventh civilization. And this time, we are approaching a big turning point, whether we will graduate from school and make a dramatic evolution to join the ranks of other planets, or we will fail again.

During this great evolutionary cycle, people from other planets are now visiting Earth in droves to offer a helping hand.

The truth of the Earth
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