Difference in vibration

Vibration, which is also called wave or frequency, is a word that expresses the existence level of matter and spirit, and it is a concept that is not yet generally recognized on earth.

For example, if the vibrations are different, even if you are in the same space, you cannot sense the other person from a low level. This is why spaceships and flying saucers are not often seen.

The people of other planets in this solar system are not normally able to be seen or observed, as they have already evolved into a stage of higher vibrations beyond the human senses.

Therefore, even if the earthlings sent probes to Venus and Mars to investigate, it is inevitable that the land would appear to be desolate, with no evidence of civilization or even life.

No matter how much physicists and scientists do their research, it is only within the framework of the lower vibrations of this planet. So beyond that, it would be impossible to make sense of the higher vibrational worlds.

The truth of the Earth
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