Everyone will be saved

Now, what will happen to those who did not choose to board on their own will? For example, you may be wondering what would happen if your family or friends did not, even if you wanted to board.

But don't worry. Even if they don't choose to go on board, they will do eventually. Their free wills are respected, and they are saved by boarding the spaceships in the different way. We will tell you how to get on board in the different way on another occasion.

Others may have further questions. In the way of thinking on Earth, people often distinct between good people and bad people, but the question is whether bad people can be on board together, and if so, isn't it unfair?

From the view of the universe, all people living on this earth are intricately intertwined with each other's actions in this world and the karma appear as the present world. Therefore, as long as we live together on the same planet, there is no such thing as a completely innocent person. In other words, we cannot distinguish between this person is good and that person is bad.

In order to cut off this intricately entwined chain of karma, the Heavenly God performed "The Celebration Ceremony of Wakutama". Therefore, from the view of the New World, there are no good or bad, and all of humankaind on the earth can be on board in one way or another to evolve into the New World.

Spaceships and Flying saucers
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