Voluntary boarding

After the spaceships and flying saucers disappear, there will be various discussions on the ground. There will be debates by experts on television and radio, and government statements from various countries may be announced one after another.

At this time, the people on the earth will be forced to choose the way they go. The one is to believe in the event that has just happened, and immediately start moving toward the boarding point notified by the broadcast from spaceships. And the other is not to believe and think that the phenomenon must be mass hypnosis or a grand trick, and go back to life as usual.

Each Earthling will be asked whether they are open to the new world, or whether they are still clinging to the old world.

There is no coercion or order in the Universe. Individual free will is respected. For that reason, the spaceships and flying saucers disappear once to make their own decisions.

People who believed the broadcast from spaceships will start moving toward the designated boarding point. And everyone gets on board. Those who are unable to arrive to the boarding point due to physical disabilities or illness can board the spaceship immediately if they show some kind of intention to board the spaceship.
In this way, all the people in the world who voluntarily wish to board will board.

Spaceships and Flying saucers
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