Appearance of spaceships and flying saucers

At present people from other planets, not only from this solar system, but also from other solar systems and other galactic universes visit Earth. And here on Earth, we Wanderers are fulfilling our role around the world to open the minds of the people on Earth to the universe.

From now on, the minds of the people on the earth will steadily change, and when the God of heaven decided that the human race on earth had reached a level for transitioning to a new world, a great demonstration is performed by the spaceships and the flying saucers.

It begins one day when numerous amounts of spaceships and flying saucers as many as to cover the whole earth will suddenly appear in the sky above the earth. It starts without notice. It happens almost simultaneously all over the world.

Then, from spaceships in the sky, certain broadcast will be made in a language understood by the people of each country. The contents are, "The present civilization of the earth has reached the end. The spaceships and flying saucers in the sky have come to help you. Because the earth will soon undergo a large crustal movement, it is necessary to evacuate to the sky in spaceships. Boarding the spaceships is not compulsory. This is done according to the plan of God of Heaven(the Creator of All Things)."

After the broadcast ended, the spaceships and flying saucers that should have filled the sky suddenly disappeared. They will disappear without leaving single one. What happened?

Spaceships and Flying saucers
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