People called Wanderers

At the beginning of this website, we said " Wanderers refer to people with soul from other planets who have incarnated on Earth with the desire to serve for the evolution of the earth and humankind."

There is a rule in the universe that the evolution of one planet cannot be directly interfered with by another planet. So the Wanderers are incarnated into Earthlings to become Earthlings and have mission with assisting the Earth and humanity in the correct evolutionary direction, to the next stage of evolution.

Wanderers become Earthlings in mind and body, except that their souls are from another planet, so they will not remember anything from the past when they are born. And they gradually awaken to their souls and realize that they have mission to accomplish.

On the other hand, there are more than a few wanderers who are unaware of their identity. However, even among such wanderers, there must be great many people who are serving people in various fields of society, following their own minds.

The truth of the Earth
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