Life from now

Floating karma

From what we have told so far, you know that the earth and humankind can evolve into a new world, and that in due time spaceships and flying saucers will appear in the sky, and with that as a signal, all humankind will board.
So how should we live our lives from now?

By the Great Work of the Heavenly God, the accumulated karma of the human race on earth will be severed and will not be carried over to the new world. However, that did not immediately erase all the karma that the people of Earth had created.

The karma that has been cut off from its roots and has risen to the surface will erupt into the surroundings of people and society on earth. The task left for humankind on earth is to learn from that karma.

The karma that the people of the earth have accumulated over the course of seven civilizations will erupt in visible figure to individuals and society. It will appear as various personal troubles, natural disasters, man-made disasters, international conflicts, etc., and it will be terrifying. It really is the end of the world.

What are the consequences of building a wrong civilization? Each and every one of the earthlings will experience it personally and engrave it into their hearts. This is the final lesson to avoid repeating the same mistakes in the new world.

Life from now
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