2.  Accumulated karma

We mentioned before that the earth has repeated the destruction of civilizations six times in the past. Karma belongs to humans with free will, so even if one civilization ends, karma will be carried over to the next civilization with humanity.

In the past six civilizations, humankind on earth has repeated wrong conducts. Karma has accumulated to the point that human effort alone cannot solve it.

In other words, if we go on like this, the current civilization will end up in ruin, and not only that, due to the accumulated karma, we have progressed to the point where there is a very high possibility that the planet Earth itself will be shattered and collapsed.

Only the God who created this universe can control karma. Therefore, God has done a certain great work for the earth and mankind so that the people of the earth, who have entered this great evolutionary cycle, can break the chain of accumulated karma and evolve.

PART 2   For Evolution

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3. 日本の地

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