The construction of the new world has already begun

We mentioned before that the roots have been cut and the karma that has risen to the surface will erupt, and learning from it will be our next challenge. So, what exactly should we, the earthlings, do?

Remember the story of the rebuilding of our house. The family consulted on the design of the new house before moving or demolishing the old one. The new house was built after the old house was demolished, but the blueprints had already been completed.

To make blueprints for this new house. This is the work of us earthlings from now. It is actually to envision what the new world should look like while watching and experiencing the destruction of the old world.

Observe the affairs that occur in your surroundings and society, and think what the cause of this phenomenon is. Think about such things for yourself. And ask yourself what the new world should be and how you want it to be. That thought becomes the blueprint for the new world to come.

This may seem unbelievable, but it is true. This old world of today is nothing more than a manifestation of the thoughts (material and egoistic desires) that the people of Earth have been imagining for a long time. Heavenly God respects the free will of human beings. In other words, the appearance of the new world that the people of the earth sincerely hoped for, will actually take shape.

The new world is a world where you can see the brilliance of people's spirits. What people have envisioned in their minds will appear straight in the figure. Therefore, it is very important to envision the world from now on so that it will be as wonderful as possible. The construction of the new world has already begun.

Life from now
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