The end of modern civilization

By the way, do you understand the meaning of the story of rebuilding our house?
The old house is the current civilization of the earth. A new house is the next new world. It was promised that human beings on Earth would be able to evolve dramatically into a new world through the completion of the " The Celebration Ceremony of Wakutama". And that means the end of the current old civilization.

The end of old civilizations has already come to the surface in various forms around the world, such as changes in the natural environment, conflicts between ethnic groups, and the impasse of the systems that have driven society.

What if you didn't know the reason for the end of this old civilization that is going to get more and more intense? Like the youngest son in the parable mentioned before, you will feel confused and hopeless about what is happening in front of you.

However, if you understand the reason, you should be able to accept the future changes with gratitude to God, even if they look very hard.

These severe changes unfolding on the earth from now on cannot be avoided in order for humankind to receive a new world.

Spaceships and Flying saucers
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