New world values

On the other hand, what are the ways of thinking, ideals and values of the new world that open the way for eternal evolution? We Wanderers have learned a lot from Sananda and brothers from other planets. So we will introduce what we keep in mind every day.

  • Makoto (genuine spirit)...... To notice love we have received from the God of heaven and pass it on to those around us. Also, think of genuine behavior that can protect the people around you from karma, and put it on the people around you.
  • Love...... not a narrow range of love such as romantic love or family love, but a love that conforms to the will of God who saves all things.
  • Oneness, harmony, naturalness...... Along with love, these are universal laws that rein in the universe.
  • Easygoing...... A mind that can entrusts everything to God, anytime, even when you feel pain or anxiety.
  • Natural state without ego, honest, simplicity...... a state without patching up and accept things as they are.
  • Plain, modesty...... A mind that knows what is enough, not asking for more than is necessary.
  • Discipline of mind...... Heartfelt courtesy, not just a pretense or formality.
  • Moderation, perseverance, piety...... the manifestation of genuine and true love.
  • Truthful Prayer...... Offering words to God that naturally springs up in our heart.

It is difficult to express concepts in the universe with the limited words on the earth, but we dared to show a part of it.
All of these things are summarized to "Makoto (genuine spirit)" and "love".
"Makoto (Genuine spirit)" and "Love" are the fundamental principles of the universe that flow through in the correct direction of human evolution.

Life from now
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