Vanishing values

Then what are the ways of thinking that have created karma for humankind, and the values that are disappearing along with the old civilization? It's impossible to list all of them, but here are the main ones.

  • Ego, egoism......a heart that values and prioritizes itself over others.
  • Material greed......A state of mind that continues endlessly if one seeks it, and becomes even more painful.
  • Coercion......A mind that pushes things. A mind that is the exact opposite of God's will, trying to force others to follow one's own convenience and ideas. A mind that denies the free will of others.
  • Laziness, lethargy......Denying the free will given by God and trying to degenerate.
  • Majesty of figure, authority......Relying on power to overwhelm others.
  • Dissatisfaction, anger......a manifestation of the ego's heart.
  • Narcissism, selfishness......a manifestation of the ego mind.
  • Falsehood, arrogance......a manifestation of the ego mind.
  • Wrong Prayer......Asking God to do what is convenient for them.

Even in today's world, most people know that these ideas are wrong or biased. But the Earth did not evolve properly.
Human beings were caught up in their own profit, and because they lacked courage, they follow the way of other people and were unable to persevere with the right thoughts that come up from their inner hearts. And gradually it felt normal for them to do so.
As a result, without knowing it, karma was created, and karma created much more karma, and it became like the present earth.

Life from now
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