The Great Cleaning of Planet Earth

We mentioned that when the spaceships appeared, it would be broadcast that "the earth will soon undergo a large crustal movement, so you need to evacuate to the sky in spaceships".

When the planet and its inhabitants evolve into a new world thanks to the fulfillment of the "The Celebration Ceremony of Wakutama", the old world will come to an end and all that civilization will disappear. Specifically, it occurs as a crustal cataclysm due to a sharp tilt of the Earth's axis.

The tilting of the Earth's axis is an unavoidable process for the planet and its inhabitants to undergo a great evolution. Due to this phenomenon, the current continent will sink into the sea, and new land will rise from the sea. A completely new map will be drawn on the earth.

Humanity cannot remain grounded during the Great Cleaning of this planet. There is no place on the surface of the planet that is immune to this change in any way, and all humanity must evacuate Earth.

For this temporary evacuation, a large number of spaceships and flying saucers are already waiting in the sky above the earth.

After boarding the spaceships, the people of Earth will be able to watch with gratitude from inside the spaceships how the Earth, which has nurtured them, is changing as the Earth's axis tilts.

Spaceships and Flying saucers
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