Turn your mind to space

This great plan for the evolution of the earth and humankind has been carried out in a scale and time flow that we cannot even imagine.

From the universe, there is the immeasurable work of God in Heaven(the Creator of All Things), Sananda who is incarnated as Jesus, the Great Spirits of Heaven, and people on other planets. And also on the earth the gods who govern the earth, the people of the high spiritual sphere of the earth, and the great nature spirits of mountains, rivers, plants respond to their work, and we wanderers somehow managed to participate in it. Then as a result, this great work has been accomplished.

Moreover, the role that we wanderers on earth have done is only about 1% of the total, and 99% of the majority is fulfilled by the work of the God of Heaven, Sananda, the Great Spirits of Heaven , and the gods of the earth. Then it finally succeeded.

In today's world where some people don't even acknowledge the existence of God, this kind of thing can be hard to understand, but after the day you board the spaceships, everything will become clear.
At that time, you will be amazed at the depth and breadth of this plan, which has been carried out without the people of the earth being aware of it, and you will be deeply grateful to God.

All that remains is to wait for changes the consciousness of the people of Earth. Some of those whose hearts are open to new worlds will see various signs from spaceships and flying saucers. This will continue to increase throughout the world.

From now on, your daily life will be very hard, but please always keep your mind up to the heavens and your thoughts to the universe. And offer a heartfelt prayer of thanks to God in Heaven for giving the earth and humankind a new place of evolution.

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