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By the way, how do you understand "human life" or "human spirit"?

In today's world, there seem to be two main ways of thinking. One is the idea that "humans exist forever by repeating the cycle of reincarnation." The other is the idea that "When a human being dies, it is over. We return to nothing." Almost everyone has one of these views.

But with the eyes of the universe, we must say that neither of these are true. Certainly, the "soul" separated from God in this universe will exist forever. However, if we ask whether the free will that develops in the soul, that is, the "human spirit," also exists unconditionally and eternally, it is actually not the case.

Will the human soul, which has received free will from God, grow in the direction of "light" that is in harmony with the universe, or will it remain in "darkness" without harmonizing with the universe? It is the great mystery for both the God who has been given free will and the souls who have received free will.

If the human soul remains in "darkness", its free will will eventually disappear. And if you grow towards the "light", that free will is promised eternal existence.
Which side it'll fall on has a lot to do with the "The Celebration Ceremony of Wakutama" we mentioned before.

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