Cherish your daily life

Everyone is wondering when the boarding date will actually come. However, not only we Wanderers, but also the people of other planets, not even Sananda know exactly how many years it will be.

That day is the only time when the God of heaven decide that the level of human hearts on earth have reached a certain level.

Therefore, from now on, it is extremely important to make a firm plan for your future life, study hard as a student, work as a member of society, and live each day to the fullest.

We must absolutely avoid neglecting our daily lives and giving up our efforts just because we can board the spaceship before long, because the new world is coming. It will create new karma.

We can't carry over Karma from the old earth to the new world. If you create new karma now, the person who created it must solve it by the day of boarding. It will be a very painful and harsh experience.

In your daily life from now on, you should be in harmony with the people around you, and please do not fight, do not stir up problems when they occur, and work on pending issues that you have neglected and unresolved worries. Also, it is important to live each day in accordance with "Makoto (genuine spirit)" and "love", to avoid doing unnecessary things, not to speak unnecessary words, and to live brightly and cheerfully.

Then, when the sky is filled with spaceships and flying saucers, let's cancel all our plans after that day, hand in hand with the people around us, and move forward into a new world.

Life from now
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