4.  Aid by other planets

Now, friends from all over the universe are coming to Earth from all over the world to help Earthling, not only from this solar system, but also from other solar systems and other galaxies. Of course, each progresses to varying degrees, but they are all part of the Creator's (Creator of the Universe) plan for Earth.

You may be wondering, "If so, why aren't they showing up more?" The reason is that there are strict rules in the universe that prevent other planets from directly interfering with the evolution of one planet.

So people on other planets will never force doors open against the will of people on Earth.
They are respecting the free will of the Earthlings and carefully assisting us in changing the consciousness of the Earthlings by ourselves.

The occasional sightings of flying saucers around the world are part of this, and they are sending signs to gradually turn the minds of the people of Earth into space and to realize that we are not space orphans.

PART 1   The truth of the Earth

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5. 核爆発は太陽系を分裂させる力

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