God's Great Work

To put this graduation exam parable in a more nitty-gritty way, it means to offer a prayer of request to God in heaven, "So that the earth and humanity will not ruin, so that we can evolve into a world of higher vibrations, and break the chain of accumulated karma. Please accomplish God's Great Work."

Over the course of 40-odd years, these prayers have been properly offered in response to God's question. In other words, humankind on earth has passed the graduation exam, and God's Great Work has been accomplished.

This great work of God is called "Wakutama no Iwaigoto no Gishiki (The Celebration Ceremony of Wakutama)".
It's a very Japanese old-fashioned name, but it's the most appropriate name.

The word "ceremony" may give you a religious feeling, but how about imagining, School entrance ceremonies and graduation ceremonies, weddings and funerals are all ceremonies. In our lives there are milestones and distinctions. The same is true in space.

The greatest division that has been done to this earth and human beings by God is the "Wakutama no Iwaigoto no Gishiki (The Celebration Ceremony of Wakutama)".

For Evolution
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