Spaceships and Flying saucers

The story of rebuilding our house

Let us give you another parable here. There is a family. Parents, older brothers and sisters, and the youngest in the rebellious period. Father called out, "My house is old and damaged in many places, and everyone has grown up and is no longer suitable for our lifestyle, so I would like to rebuild it. Let's have a meeting about this with the whole family." The whole family is overjoyed.

However, the youngest son, who is in the rebellious stage, listens to music in his room and does not listen, no matter how many times his family invites him. It doesn't matter how many times they invite him. So they had no choice but to discuss the design of the new house with everyone else.

The blueprints were completed before long, the construction company was ready, and the construction was about to begin. As for the construction, the family first moves the old house, and the construction company dismantles the house. A comfortable house incorporating a new lifestyle is planned to be built on the grounds that have become brand new.

Of course, the youngest son who didn't listen to his family's advice doesn't understand why his family moved. He wonders why, but he just stays in his room without trying to think deeply. However, the construction schedule is fixed, so the work is progressing steadily.

A building company has started work on demolishing an old house. The roof is taken off and the walls are demolished. Dust rises, and the house they have lived in so far crumbles with a noise.

Seeing this, the youngest son is in a great commotion. He's angry with the construction company about what to do with his precious house. As he watches his house being demolished, he despairs when the house he lives in disappears.

Spaceships and Flying saucers
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