For Evolution

The law of cause and effect

Are you familiar with the word "The law of cause and effect"?
It is also said that "You must reap what you have sown" or "Cause and Effect Ingaouhou". We wanderers call it the Law of Karma. This is the Universal Law of the Universe, which operates on any planet in the Universe.

The soul created by God passes through a long, long time in the universe, and eventually becomes a human soul with free will. A man does something of his own will in this universe, and is subject to a reaction. To say simply, you receive good reactions for good deeds and bad reactions for bad deeds. This is called the law of karma.

Karma are clues and helps for humans to develop their free wills. Humans gradually learn how to use their minds by personally experiencing the consequences of their actions.
However, in the case of the earthlings, it became a big problem.

For Evolution
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