5.  A nuclear explosion is the force that splits the solar system apart

Now, We told you that the human race on earth has neglected the development of the soul and spirit. And people on other planets are most worried about nuclear weapons (atomic bombs) invented by earthlings.

You will notice that the positions of the sun and planets in this solar system are very similar to the arrangement of the nuclei and electrons of atoms. Atoms are nothing but the building blocks of the solar system, and to destroy them is to destroy the solar system, and their power can never be used constructively. Our space friends tell us that it is the force that divides the solar system,

Since mankind invented the atomic bomb in the middle of the 20th century, peoples from other planets have been visiting the earth very frequently, lest their civilization suddenly come to an abrupt end due to nuclear war. They are watching carefully.

And with covert intervention, they have stopped the plunge into a nuclear war on the brink. This terrible fact will be revealed someday.

PART 1   The truth of the Earth

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6. 地球はいま、進化の大周期を迎えている

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