The name of the New Earth is "Alus"

In this way, all human beings, all animals and plants, even the smallest lives will be brought aboard the spaceships and flying saucers and lifted up. Then they spend a period of time in a giant spaceship called a mothership or on Venus or another planet, waiting for the great cleaning of the Earth to be completed.

In due time, when the earth's crustal movement subsides, the land is prepared, and the climate becomes calm, the return of the earth's humans, animals and plants that have evacuated will begin. Then, with the help of people from other planets, they will begin the construction of a new world.

The new world is a world of a completely new order, inheriting nothing from the old material civilization. Days will be calculated differently, there will be no money economy anymore and matter will be created according to the good thoughts of humanity. It will be a world of service and harmony, where everything is in accordance with the order of nature.

Humanity will begin real communication with other planets in the universe from this point onwards. Interplanetary travel will become as easy as traveling in the provinces. The name of the new earth has already been decided. The name of the universe is called "Alus". It is a star blessed by the Creator of All Things.

Sananda has already informed us that everything on the side of universe is ready. After that, it depends on one point when the minds of the people of the earth will reach a certain level where it is acceptable to reach that time. It depends on your mind.

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