Great Elder of Venus

The support of other planets to Earth and humanity is being systematically planned according to the will of the Creator of All Things (God). Wanderers are reincarnating on Earth as part of that. And the person in charge of this plan is the Great Elder of Venus, Sananda.

Sananda was born on earth about 2,000 years ago with a physical body. The name at that time was Jesus Christ, a historical figure that even elementary school students know well.

In fact, we wanderers hesitated to reveal the name of Jesus Christ on this website. The reason for this is that while there are devout believers in Christianity all over the world today, we wonder how many people would understand if we told them that Jesus Christ came from Venus. Rather, we thought that it would only invite a misunderstanding.

However, the person responsible for the important things that we want to convey on this website is Sananda, and it is not in accordance with God's will to hide important facts about him. So, without fear of misunderstanding, we decided to announce it as it is.

The ancient Jesus Christ, now as Sananda, gets on a spaceship above the earth and travels around the world day and night to make "God's Kingdom " come true on earth.

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